Horse carriage accident casualty in Tabernas Costa Almeria

DRAMATIC: The victim fell on the ground while trying to regain control of the carriage and the wheels went over their legs. CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

A CARRIAGE driver at one of the Tabernas cinema locations was injured after one of the horses bolted.

Guardia Civil officers were first on the scene. They found the accident victim laid out with symptoms of severe pain and in a state of great anxiety.

Officers did what they could to calm down the victim, who told them they had been taking three customers on a ride when one of the reins attaching the horses to the carriage came loose and one made off.


In a desperate attempt to retain control, the carriage driver jumped onto one of the animals, but fell on the ground and the carriage wheels went over their legs.

The victim had cuts and bruises all over the lower part of their body. The officers applied first-aid and put the driver in a safe position until the medical emergency team arrived.


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