Every child needs a toy says Costa del Sol charity

Volunteers from the charity with Councillor Dean Shelton Credit: Ayuntamiento de Manilva

FOR the sixth year running the St George Charity of Duquesa has been collecting funds to ensure that every child in the Manilva municipality can be given a toy or two.

The local Social Services Department promotes the need for funds, delivers the fun and educational gifts to those recorded as being most in need of help.

Many local residents alongside the council support the concept that no child should be without a toy during this festive season

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The gift bags are delivered to social services offices as well as special food outlets so that parents may collect them and then give them to their children to celebrate Three Kings Day.

The number of children varies each year from 350 to 500 and it is quite a task to raise funds, buy gifts, and collect the gift bags, but the St George’s volunteers are happy to help.


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