Drug sales nipped in the bud in Almeria


ALMERIA police have dismantled a cocaine sales point and two marijuana plantations hidden inside two properties.

Officers raided properties in the La Chanca district of Almeria city following a six-month investigation.

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It became clear there was a very active drug sales operation in the neighbourhood. There were constant comings and goings of people from outside the area, who would be in and out the property from where the drugs were sold within minutes then hasten off.

Police also established there were two indoor marijuana plantations in the same area.

Police carried out raids on four properties simultaneously. In the one functioning as a drug sales point they found five grammes of cocaine and 22 grammes of hashish prepared for sale, three sets of precision scales and €1,993 in cash.

In two others they came across 319 marijuana plants, along with 56 electrical transformers, 55 lamps, air extractors and ventilators.

The final raid on the home of the individual believed responsible for running the drug sales operation resulted in the seizure of a gun and ammunition.

Police said the suspect tried to get rid of the gun by tossing it out a window onto a rooftop terrace.

Police made three arrests in all. The trio face charges of a crime against public health, defrauding the power supply and illegal gun ownership.


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