Police arrest fugitive from Romanian justice in Nijar Costa Almeria

WANTED: The 41-year old faces a 10-year prison sentence. CREDIT: Policia Nacional Almeria

POLICE arrested a criminal who has been on the run from Romanian justice for years in San Isidro in Nijar.

Identified as 41-year old M.T., he is wanted in Romania to serve a 10-year prison sentence for robbery.

He is accused, along with two accomplices, of breaking into a business in December 2014, tying up the owner and getting away with €400 and a mobile phone, and causing more than €600 damage. He is also believed responsible for a hit on another business, this time stealing €300.

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A European arrest warrant was issued for the 41-year old in November 2015.

Interpol España informed the Almeria National Police that they had reason to believe the fugitive was hiding out in Nijar. An exhaustive search led eventually to the location of the suspect in San Isidro and his subsequent detention.



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