Helicopter must stay on Costa Blanca

UNANIMOUS: All parties voted to keep Helimer helicopter (inset)Photo credit: both Javea town hal

ALL political parties on Javea’s council backed a proposal asking for the Helimer helicopter to remain in the Valencian Community.The national government’s Ministry of Public works announced recently that the helicopter operated by the Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Maritima (Rescue and Maritime Safety Society) will no longer be based in Manises (Valencia) but moved to Ibiza in the New Year.The municipality considers that the helicopter is vital to the area, as Javea’s coastline is extremely busy, registering manymaritime incidents and accidents, frequently involving tourists.There is also the relatively new problem of irregular immigrants making landfall in the area in flimsy boats after leaving the motherships that have brought them from North Africa.Oftenthe speedy arrival of the Helimer helicopter from Manises can be a matter of life or death and transferring it to Ibiza will complicate rescues, all parties on the council agreed


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