Guardia Civil catch thief targeting elderly women in Nijar Costa Almeria

VICTIMS: The mugger picked on women of an advanced age. CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

GUARDIA Civil have arrested a suspected serial thief targeting elderly women in the Nijar area.

The Guardia said they have connected the 22-year old to up to 17 crimes, including violent muggings.

The mugger picked on women of an advanced age, keeping an eye on them until they were on their own, then grabbing their handbags. In one attack the victim suffered injuries requiring an operation.


According to the Guardia, after carrying out a series of attacks the suspect shaved his head and left the area to try and avoid police detection. However, he went back to commit more crimes, this time stealing from vehicles.

In one of the thefts he took a bank book which he used a number of times to take money out of a cashpoint in Sorbas.

Thanks to technology, investigators were able to establish the individual withdrawing the cash with the bank book was the same person as the mugger. They caught up with the suspect at the end of November, also charging him with breaking and entering.


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