Funding request for tackling gender violence in Adra Costa Almeria

COMMITMENT: Adra council pledged to work to bring an end to this “blight” on society. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

ADRA council has requested a €180,000 subsidy from the Andalucia Institute of the Woman to help tackle gender-based violence and advance policies of equality.

The institute funding is available for projects aimed at gender violence prevention and intervention as part of its efforts focused on battling the problem, promoting assistance to victims and raising awareness about the issue.

The local authority said its financing request reflected the administration’s commitment to making resources available to gender violence victims and to making people more aware of this “blight” on society.


Specifically, the council has asked for €160,000 for programmes and measures for the coordination of victim assistance and a further €20,000 for prevention and awareness-raising initiatives.

The local authority also said it aimed to act in line with the State Pact, which is made up of 292 measures in all and 10 lines of action, including breaking the silence on the matter, improving institutional response, coordination, and better assistance and protection for victims. Also highlighted is increased assistance to and protection of children affected by gender violence.

The council further stressed that equality between men and women is a basic, fundamental right recognised in the Spanish constitution.

“The protection of victims requires a multi-disciplinary and integral approach, and Adra council does not want to be disconnected from this fight”, a council statement said.

The local authority pledged it will work “to put an end to the root cause of this social scourge”, which so far this year has claimed the lives of more than 50 victims in Spain.


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