Costa del Sol: Noise control in Malaga

Anti-noise plan: Cuts the hours of outdoor terraces. SOURCE: Shutterstock

A RECENT review held with regard to the anti-noise plan in the historical centre of Malaga City and El Romeral looks for approval in restricting the schedules of the terraces of hospitality businesses. The plan, which is not yet approved, cuts the hours of operation of the terraces during the week and by half an hour on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays.

The changes are to comply with the proposals made months ago by the General Secretariat of the City Council, which was explicit in the need for Acoustically Saturated Zones (ZAS) to be more restrictive. 

Although the latest draft aims to be somewhat more demanding, the reality is that it will be more realistic than those measures proposed by Sincosour, the company hired to measure noise in the areas now affected at the beginning of 2016.

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Sincosur verified that night-time noise levels were exceeded in certain areas, for example, Plaza de la Merced, Madre de Dios, Plaza Mitjana and Plaza Uncibay, and suggested drastic actions, such as removing outdoor seating at 11 pm. 



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