COSTA DEL SOL NEWS: Burglary suspect nabbed in Benalmadena

Man arrested

NATIONAL Police officers have arrested a 40-year-old Spanish man accused of robbery with force and causing damage. 

The detained man is alleged to have just robbed a home in Benalmadena and at the time of arrest he was found to be carrying a hammer, a knife and a set of keys. 

The police investigation began thanks to the cooperation of a neighbour who alerted police that there was a robbery in a house near his, as well as alerting the owner of the house. 

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It was the householder who was first to arrive. He found the thief inside as soon as he arrived and held him until the agents arrived. 

The police officers on the scene checked the facts and arrested a man as alleged perpetrator of a crime of robbery with force. 

Police say that the arrested man had entered the house by forcing the door with a hammer and causing damage to the door frame.  


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