Costa del Sol: Heritage harm in Malaga

Misuse of a protected heritage: Projection of commercial content SOURCE: Facebook

CONTROVERSY looks to tarnish the Christmas lights of Malaga as certain parties have shown disappointment in the projection of commercial content of some companies in the video mapping that takes place in Calle Alcazabilla. 

Social media pages of neighbourhood groups, such as that of La Asociación de Vecinos Centro have reported that  “In the Alcazaba show there is embedded advertising”, something they consider “A use of a protected heritage and a symbol of Malaga for advertising” to which they state that “Although it is evident that it is a privatization of public assets, we are going to consult the protection laws and, if it is viable, file a complaint.”

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Similarly, from the municipal group of Adelante Málaga, its spokesman, Eduardo Zorrilla criticized “The propaganda use of Malaga’s monuments that are being made by various private companies taking advantage of an agreement to make the projection of a Christmas video in Calle Alcazabilla”. Many citizens have been to see that the aforementioned Christmas story “Became a platform for publicity of companies, some of them well known for their relationship with the mayor, as is the case of El PimPi. ”




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