Costa Almeria residents sightseeing in Seron and Bacares

PROMOTION: The Turismo Almanzora business association believes provincial residents and business owners are the best ambassadors for the region’s inland attractions.

COSTA Almeria residents had the chance to explore inland villages Seron and Bacares thanks to a Turismo Almanzora business association-organised excursion.

Some 50 people from Albox, Huercal-Overa and Los Gallardos took part in Sunday’s daytrip, on which Seron and Bacares councils collaborated.

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After a warm welcome from Seron Tourism councillor Caridad Lopez and a breakfast of churros and chocolate, Turismo Cultural Seron guide Maribel Garcia took the group on a tour which took them through the village streets, to the Remedios hermitage and the Asuncion church and on to the castle.

Maribel explained key points in the history of the locality, including the Christian re-conquest and the Moorish rebellion.

The Seron visit ended with a tasking of locally produced, prize-winning goats cheese, then it was off to Bacares for a lunch of typical dishes of the region, among them roasted pork cheeks.

Highlights of the tour around the village included stops at the castle viewing point, the town laundry, the ethnographic museum and the Santo Cristo del Bosque church.

At the end of the day the visitors enjoyed mouth-watering cakes made with locally produced almonds from a village patisserie.

Turismo Almanzora said it believed trips of this kind are necessary to show people living in Almeria what the province’s own villages have to offer visitors, and that it is provincial residents and business owners who are the best ambassadors for the region’s inland attractions.


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