WATCH: SPANISH NEWS: Hunter under investigation for beating, shooting and dragging dog in Galicia

BRUTAL: The passing driver who filmed the images told the hunter his behaviour was “inhuman.” CREDIT: Rubén Pérez Twitter @ruben_prz

THE Guardia Civil has opened an investigation into a hunter in Chantada in Galicia for dragging his dog along the ground after beating and shooting the animal.

A passing driver filmed tough images of the hunter’s treatment of the dog, which had not long since given birth, after hearing a shot. He followed the hunter, telling him his behaviour was “inhuman”, and called the Guardia.


The dog has reportedly since been transferred to a veterinary hospital, where she received emergency treatment for a bullet wound and multiple injuries, while her six puppies are being cared for by an animal protection society.

In the wake of the publication of the video on social media the Galician Hunting Federation has expresses its “utter condemnation of the inexplicable act of aggression of a dog by its owner.

“Acts of this kind have no place in our collective and even less in hunting, where dogs are always the best companions in our activity and in daily life.”


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