Orihuela celebrates a special homage for the Guardia Civil in Costa Blanca

TRIBUTE: The Guardia Civil celebrates 175 years

Orihuela honoured the Guardia Civil on a very significant year for the force, as officers celebrate 175 years of service. An impressive commemorative act was prepared in Costa Blanca with more than a hundred officers taking part to mark the 175th anniversary of Spain’s Guardia civil.

At the Principe of Asturias roundabout, an impressive monument was inaugurated in their honour. The act was chaired by the lieutenant General and Chief of Operations, Fernando Santafé Soler, who announced the Guardia civil would redouble their efforts in the fight against crime to ensure citizens’ safety and security. Also present was Brigadier general in charge of Valencia, José Hermida and the Mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana.

During the event, the admirable bravery of the Guardia Civil during the September floods  in Costa Blanca was also highlighted and the mayor expressed Orihuela’s appreciation for the security force.

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