New UK entry requirements following Brexit

Priti Patel visited London Bridge following the terror attack Credit: Twitter

In the event that the Conservative party wins the forthcoming General Election and Brexit does happen, current Home Secretary Priti Patel intends to introduce new legislation which will affect EU citizens wishing to visit the UK.

In her opinion, the introduction of a visa waiver which will need to be completed online at least three days before travel (at a cost to be announced) will help to improve border security.

In fairness, UK travellers to Spain have been required to complete an online declaration before flying as Britain is not part of the Schengen Group, but currently EU travellers simply need to show an ID card or passport when arriving in the UK.


It appears that a similar scheme to that proposed by the Home Secretary is to be introduced by the European Union for all non-EU visitors who are currently entitled to enter the Union without a visa and Britain post Brexit will fall under that category.

The Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott responded by saying that it would be much safer to remain within the EU security and justice system as this would mean continued access to such important data bases as Europol and also the ability to apply for European arrest warrants.

She went on to suggest that by leaving the safety of the EU system, police and border departments will find it more difficult to identify potential terrorists and Britain could become a safe haven for those evading the justice systems in the 27 European Union States.


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