Fuengirola Costa del Sol officially declared a town friendly to animals

Mayor Ana Mula accepts the certificate Credit: Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola

LOVERS of pets love Fuengirola and the town has just been awarded the title of a ‘Municipality that is a friend to animals’ by the Malaga Provincial Council, the Malaga Bar Association and the Benalmadena Animal group.

The award goes for the work that the council has undertaken in order to raise public awareness of and respect for the rights and welfare of animals generally.

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This has been an ongoing project which saw change in regulations in 2014 which allowed owners to take their pets with them on local public transport, and coupled with this has been the introduction of four dog parks as well as dog beach and others are planned.

This recognition is part of a long term project entitled ‘An addition to my family: My pet’ which wants to see all animals treated well, but also wants to ensure that owners act in a responsible way, looking after their animals and stopping them from being a nuisance to others.

The Bar Association has been involved in drafting guidelines which it will circulate to all councils in the Province for their consideration and has also sent speakers to schools to explain to eight to twelve year olds about the need to be alert to animal abuse and to treat animals well.


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