100 naked activists protested about animal cruelty in Barcelona Spain

Fighting for a fur free world Credit: AnimaNaturalis

SUPPORTERS of the Spanish organisation for the defence of animal rights, AnimaNaturalis arrived in Barcelona last Sunday to protest about the use of fur in the fashion industry.

100 participants stripped naked, sprinkled themselves with artificial blood and piled on top of each other, to imitate the bodies of lifeless animals once their skin or fur has been removed.

Cristina Ibáñez, coordinator of AnimaNaturalis in Barcelona said, “More and more modern countries prohibit fur farms, but our country even avoids discussing the issue. It is time to equate Spanish legislation with that of other European countries” then added “dressing in animal skins is not only inefficient and anachronistic, but intensely cruel to animals.”


Many major fashion houses have ceased the use of fur and animal skins in their collections and from 2020 Prada will be joining other companies such as Versace, Chanel, Armani, Calvin Klein as well as Spanish designer Adolfo Dominguez in a fur free environment.


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