WATCH: Driver caught on camera hurtling towards wild boar in Mojacar Costa Almeria

UNCLEAR: The boars can be heard squealing, but the video does not show exactly what happened. CREDIT: Estafania Blanquez Pozas Facebook

A DRIVER was caught on camera appearing to hurl towards a family of wild boar wandering around Mojacar Playa on Saturday night.

Geplaatst door Estefania Blánquez Pozas op Zaterdag 30 november 2019

A couple in another vehicle was videoing the animals on a mobile when a 4×4 swung round the corner at some speed, and seemingly made straight for the animals in a car-park opposite the Parque Comercial.

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The boars can be heard squealing, although it is not clear what happened to them.

The couple who witnessed the scene shouted reproaches at the driver and threatened to report him to the Guardia Civil. He claimed he had just been parking.

Posting the video on social media the young woman commented, “I was recording the wonder of these animals, the parents with baby wild boards in Mojacar, and suddenly a vehicle appeared like a bat out of hell and knocked them down. This cannot be allowed.”

According to reports the Guardia Civil’s SEPRONA Nature Protection Service picked up on the video, in which the 4×4’s number plate is clearly visible, leading to the identification of the driver and to notifying him he faces possible sanctions for animal mistreatment and for a traffic safety violation.


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