Gandia guards

Prevention of illegal acts: Guards detect fires several times a week SOURCE: Facebook

THE RURAL Surveillance service of Gandia will step up its work in order to prevent fires, thefts and dumping of illegal waste in the sea and beach of l’Auir and in nearby mountainous areas. Local officers will pay special attention to the urban areas of Marxuquera, where there are several private urbanizations, all with the purpose of carrying out prevention work on forest fires.

The field and mountain guards will not enter residential areas, but will closely monitor the entire perimeter, as indicated by the mayor of Responsible Management of the Territory of Gandia, Alícia Izquierdo. The councilor explained that the Rural Surveillance team has prepared a report to maximize work times and “be able to reach more places” over different shifts.

Izquierdo explained that this team consists of four officers, who patrol by car and motorcycles through different areas of the city. “The group is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and handles dozens of cases a week.”




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