Costa Blanca News: Bio waste

Pilot project: Council appreciates efforts. SOURCE: Cadenaser

THE DEPARTMENT of Environment of Sant Joan d’Alacant reported that in the first six months of the “quinto contenedor”, the brown waste container for recycling, 123 tons of bio-waste were collected in the town. 

Department director Esther Iborra (PSOE), emphasized that “Today, we have a total of 232 registered users in this program, of which 59 are establishments and 173 homes in Sant Joan.”

The pilot project, which has been well accepted by residents, began with the objective of separating the organic matter produced daily both in public or private establishments through the use of the brown container. From that moment on, 50% of organic matter that a family or establishment produced daily and would normally put in a bin bag was deposited in the waste container.

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Iborra praised all participants of the initiative “From the Department of Cleaning and Waste Management, I want to thank each and every one of the establishments, businesses and individuals for the effort they make day after day to properly separate the organic matter and for bothering to deposit it in the containers enabled for this purpose.”


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