Albox hosts tribute to blood donors on Costa Almeria

HOMAGE: The new ‘La Gota de la Vida’ (drop of life) statue is unveiled. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Albox

ALBOX hosted this year’s annual tribute to blood donors in Almeria.

There was recognition for the nearly 800 Albox residents who give blood every year at the municipal health centre on the dates organised by the Blood Donors’ Association in an act celebrated at the Federico Garcia Lorca events hall in the old Town Hall building.

Vice-President of the Asociacion de Donantes de Vida (Association of Life Donors) Ramon Rodriguez underlined just how unselfish and thinking of their fellow man are the people who donate blood or an organ to Spanish society.

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Albox Mayor Francisco Torrecillas, second Deputy Mayor Maria Dolores Fiñana, and Albox Donors’ Association President Maria Oller stressed the point that more than 10 per cent of the municipality’s population give blood.

They presented 64 distinctions. One went to the oldest donor, Teodoro Matias, one to the youngest Monica Carillo, and another was for the Albox resident who has given blood most often, Juan Sevilla.

The ceremonial acts then shifted to the Plaza Hermanos Fernandez Sanchez, accompanied by the municipal band, where the new ‘La Gota de la Vida’ (drop of life) marble statue was unveiled.

This was the 21st edition of the Asociacion de Donantes de Vida Provincial Day of the Blood Donor.


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