Sunbathers help migrants washed up on beach in Gran Canaria, Spain

A migrant child is held by a beachgoer on Aguila beach in Gran Canaria. Credit: Reuters.

SUNBATHERS in Gran Canaria, Spain, have joined forces with emergency workers to give water, food and clothes to a group of migrants who arrived unexpectedly on Aguila beach on Friday, November 29.

Three children and a pregnant woman were among some two dozen migrants helped by tourists and locals as they sprang into action after a migrant boat landed on the shores. Exhausted, cold and seemingly in a state of shock, they were given thermal blankets and privisions by rescue workers.

The sun-seekers who had been on the beach to enjoy the sunshine have been praised for assisting the aid workers, with one woman seen cradling a young migrant while another gave her water. Another used his beach towel to keep her feet warm.

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Emergency services said that the Spanish Red Cross later looked after the migrants made up of twelve men, eight women and three children, six of whom were treated at a local hospital. None have been reported to be in serious condition.

It is reported by the Red Cross that those on-board spent six days navigating the rough waters of the Atlantic, with aid worker Jose Antonio Rodriguez stating that “it was a really tough journey.”

As Euro Weekly News understands, according to data from the Ministry of Interior, by mid-November of this year some 27,594 migrants have arrived in Spain, a decrease of more than 50% from last year. The popular tourist destination of the Canary Islands has however seen an increase of 22% more arrivals, with 1,493 migrants coming to the region this year.

A rescue service member holds a baby wrapped in an emergency blanket on Aguilla beach. Credit: Reuters.


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