Disaster rescue specialists recognition for La Nucia council support on Costa Blanca

PROUD: The Animal Protection councillor thanked the group for its confidence in the council. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de El Campello

AN NGO specialising in canine rescues in disaster situations has recognised La Nucia council for its support.

The Metodo Arcon Grupo de Especialistas en Rescate Canino en Catastrofes (GERCCMA) presented the local authority with a plaque to thank the administration for organising training days at the Dog Rescue Municipal Training Ground throughout the year.

The ground, one of just a handful in Spain, is used for instruction on rescue techniques, in this case the search and rescue of persons who have become buried in confined spaces.


GERCCMA members Jose Antonio Solano, a fire engine driver in Ronda in Malaga, and David Cabrera Jimenez, a firefighter based in Almuñecar, joined the group president Javier Luque, and the La Nucia Animal Protection councillor Jessica Gommans for the plaque presentation.

Receiving the recognition in the name of the council, Jessica Gommans said it was a matter of great pride, thanking GERCCMA for the “confidence you have place in our municipality”, and promising the local authority’s continues support for training sessions.

Just last week three members of GERCCMA were in La Nucia for two intense training days with five dogs, practicing some 15 operations with each.

The La Nucia rescue training ground is used by police units and by the firefighting service. As the GERCCMA chief pointed out it features piles of rubble under which there are galleries, vertical and horizontal pipes and more.

“When there is a major building collapse you have to enter into its entrails because people could be a long way down”, Javier Luque pointed out, hence the dogs need to get used to “working there with complete concentration.”


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