Torrevieja real estate group from Costa Blanca builds a village in India

VILLAGE LIFE: The TM Group completed their compassionate project

THE Vicente Ferrer Foundation and TM Real Estate Group in Torrevieja have shown their compassion by travelling to India and building a whole village. In the Anantapur district in Southeast India, a village of 71 houses has been inaugurated and funded by the Torrevieja estate agency. 

The houses will home a total of 387 people including 117 women, 138 men and 132 children, who were previously living in huts. The firm has highlighted how these houses will radically change the lives of the villagers and explained the houses had been put in the women’s name in order to guarantee their independence.

Families in the community participated in the construction of their new village, with each house being approximately 45 square metres distributed between two rooms, a porch and a bathroom. During the inauguration, the president of TM Real Estate was received with ceremonial music and dances typical to the area. The project is part of TM Group’s commitment to provide housing for the disadvantaged and help eradicate poverty.




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