New help for the autistic in Mijas Costa del Sol

Proudly displaying the new tiles Credit: Ayuntamiento de Mijas

THE Mijas Council is proud of the fact that it is the first in Spain to introduce specially designed tiles on zebra crossings to help people who are on the autistic spectrum and to make life safer for them.

There are four tiles produced in a colour which has been chosen because it is easy to see and each carries a different message; Stop, Look, Stopped Car and Cross (all in Spanish) and the four tiles will be laid on each side of the crossing.

To add to the ease of understanding, as well as the word, there will be a matching image of a hand held high, an eye, a car and a pedestrian crossing and the tiles which are non-slippery are produced in white with the words and image in yellow.

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This is a test which will take place in 12 locations, mainly schools and places popular with youngsters such as the Botanical Gardens and if successful will be extended throughout the municipality.

Although other towns have pained images by crossings, this is the first time that such tiles (which measure 40cm x 40cm) have been designed and laid in this manner.


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