Marijuana plantation in family home in Roquetas de Mar on Costa Almeria

FIND: As well as 366 plants, there were bits of marijuana all over the property, including in a child’s bedside table. CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

THREE people are under arrest after Guardia Civil discovered a marijuana plantation inside a family home in Roquetas de Mar.

Neighbours’ complaints about the overwhelming smell of the drug emanating from the property and other indicators pointed to the existence of large-scale marijuana cultivation activities. Sure enough when Guardia officers went onto the property they found 366 marijuana plants.

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The three adults in the house were arrested. Also in the house were a seven and an 11-year old, who the Guardia said had been living with the plants on a daily basis.

Given the circumstances of the drugs, and what the Guardia described as the dirty, unhygienic conditions in the property, officers called in the social services to take care of the children.

As well as the plants the Guardia seized six grammes of buds and 6.5 grammes of hashish. There were also bits of marijuana all over the property, including in a bedside table in one of the children’s rooms.

In addition to drug charges, the trio face charges for defrauding the electricity supply.


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