Junta de Andalucia delegate reviews Mojacar health centre needs on Costa Almeria

NEEDS: Having sufficient staff to cover the six-fold increase in Mojacar’s population in summer is one of health staffs’ top demands. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Mojacar

JUNTA de Andalucia health ministry delegate for the province Juan de la Cruz Belmonte was in Mojacar last week to visit the municipality’s two health centres.

Along with Sanitary Managing Director Jose Miguel Medina and Medical Director Sergio Pelaez, the delegate met with Mojacar Mayor Rosmari Cano and Health Councillor Ana Garcia to review the municipality’s most important objectives.

These include the Infrastructure Plan for 2020-2030, the necessary collaborations with local associations to develop a social health project, a new framework for health welfare, as well as staffing needs.

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Between them the Mojacar centres cover a resident population of more than 6,000 inhabitants. The Mojacar Pueblo centre provides a service for 1,000 patients with one doctor, a nurse and a council administrator. The beach centre has three doctors (who are each responsible for 1,500, 1,400 and 1,700 patients), treatment rooms, a paediatrician, three nurses, a clinic assistant and two council administrators. It also offers a 24-hour primary care emergency service. 

The out of hours service provided from 3pm until 8am, including weekends, has a duty team made up of a doctor, nurse, duty guard and ambulance personnel. 

Between June and September the municipality’s population increases six-fold. To meet the greater demand for medical treatment an additional morning surgery is set up with a doctor attending out-of-town patients, plus extra doctors and nurses in July and August.

The need to strengthen Mojacar’s medical team in the peak summer holiday months is a very high priority for the staff at both centres, and next summer the additional service will be extended from June to September.

The council pointed out the Mayor has plans, which she regards as a matter of urgency, to begin the necessary procedures for the construction of a new medical centre that will expand and complement the town’s healthcare provision, as well as improvements to both centres currently servicing the town.


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