Human waste in local park Costa del Sol

The closed bar and toilets

SITUATED above the AP7 and falling under the control of Mijas Council, Park Esparragal on the Camino Viejo De Coin has long been a place for locals to meet and enjoy barbeques and a general day out.

Until relatively recently, there was a bar/café in the park but for various reasons it has been closed and now readers of Euro Weekly News have contacted us to complain about a very unsatisfactory state of affairs with regards to a sanitary problem.

The bar had its own toilet facilities, but with its closure, so the toilet was closed and the nearest open public toilet is some 200 yards away which means that some people who are in that particular area are not prepared to walk to the toilets if they need to relieve themselves.


This means that there are regular sightings of people urinating against trees or by the river bed and even defecating and leaving their waste behind when they leave.

There is an additional pair of public toilets relatively nearby at Urb La Hacienda De Mijas Golf but they are now derelict and closed and there appears little likelihood of them being renovated.

Our readers (who commented that if councils are so bothered about dog mess then they should actively take steps to fight human waste) have contacted the park authorities who have pointed out that there are facilities in the park but this does not take into account the laziness of human nature.

For the time being and until something positive is done, residents in the area and visitors will have to put up with the unpleasant sight of toilet paper and other remains in what should be a pleasant and picturesque escape for all.



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