Criminal band in Costa Blanca deceived their fellow Romanian compatriots

The Guardia Civil accuses the group of labour exploitation

A Romanian criminal organisation has been discovered by police in Puerto de Mazarrón, after the group treated their own compatriots as slaves. Their Romanian victims were threatened, beaten and exploited until the Guardia Civil intervened, considering that the organisation is responsible for labour exploitation.

The victims were deprived of their salaries by the abusers, who were of their same nationality. Police intervention has finally signified the end to this alleged criminal activity, known by officers as ‘Operación Dracu’. Two men and a woman of the same family have been arrested and are being accused of human trafficking and labour exploitation.

A spokesperson for the Guardia Civil has explained the alleged perpetrators would recruit their victims in other provinces with the promise of work and accommodation. The arrests were made after investigators considered they had enough evidence on the alleged illegal activities of the group.

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The Guardia Civil searched three residences in Puerto de Mazarrón, recovering €2,500 in cash, jewellery and a luxury vehicle. The victims’ personal documentation and information on their bank accounts was also recovered by officers. Investigations began when thirteen Romanian citizens put in a formal complaint denouncing their capture and situation of semi-slavery.


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