COSTA BLANCA NEWS: ‘Don’t kill tourism with tax’ plea from Alicante

Tourism tax would hit competitiveness

ALICANTE’S Councillor for tourism says the city council opposes proposals for a ‘tourist tax’ that have been put on the table by the Valencian regional government. 

Mari Carmen Sanchez, added that she is puzzled at why the Valencian President Ximo Puig seems to have performed a U turn on the subject having previously been against the idea. 

The Ciudadanos councillor said that the city council will present an Institutional Statement  “to show our total rejection of this tourism tax. It would it would have harmful effects on one of the real engines of our community, tourism, which represents more than 12 per cent of our economy. 

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“As a result of this tax, the sector would lose competitiveness, in addition to increasing distrust at business level and undoubtedly generate doubts about investment opportunities by creating unfavourable conditions.” 

 She added: “Ciudadanos are against this type of restriction that have more negative than positive effects. Tourist employers consider that it is not a question of producing, through a tax, more income from tourism, but to better manage those that are already generated. The introduction of such a tax does not generate better quality tourism.” 



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