Still rebuilding Lorca in Spain 9 years after earthquake devastation

St James's Church in Lorca was devastated by the 2011 earthquake. Credit Antonio Periago /Wikipedia

THE earthquake that devastated Lorca may have been in 2011, but funds are still being put in to repair damage caused by the disaster. 

Murcia’s regional government has just approved spending €2.5 million for the renovation of the town’s Calle Jerónimo Santa Fe and its surroundings. 

Since the tremors that caused so much damage and killed nine people eight years ago, the regional government has spent €83 million on repairs to residential streets and public spaces, with another €62 million on local roads, and €80 million more in direct aid to repair damaged homes and replace personal belongings. 


Despite this, 412 families have still not completed repairs to their earthquake damaged homes. Now the regional government is worried that these families may miss out on help as the official ‘reconstruction period’ decreed by the national government ends of December 31. 

The Murcia regional government is therefore asking Spain’s central government for an extension to the timetable in order “to give a break” to these families. 

Two tremors hit the town in May of 2011, with some sources saying up to 38 per cent of buildings being damaged. The most devastation was caused in older historic buildings. 


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