Prefab bathrooms modernising construction in Spain


Building in Spain has just stepped its game up. Companies in the real estate sector are taking a new direction and committing to the modernization of housing construction. Industrialised modules are already very extended in the UK and now, they’re gaining popularity among Spanish developers.

Modules such as luxury bathrooms are being designed and produced in large quantities by innovative Spanish businesses. The client, specifies the style, finish and measurements of the bathroom, that is then replicated in mass. Once the build is ready, all that is left is the insertion of the completely finished rooms.

Luxury industrialised bathroom in UK residential complex

Companies like Hydrodiseño, based in Almería, offer this service to both large- and small-scale projects. A fully personalised kitchen or bathroom module is designed, manufactured and produced in the time frame of 20 weeks. Clients are able to see the first mock-up module of their concept just five weeks into the process.

The fabrication process includes making a concrete mould to exact measurement specifications, installing the kitchen or bathroom, completing with accessories and finally a clean before the packaging of the module.

Installation of these fully finished rooms is done with a crane that inserts the module into the building and the modules are placed on top of neoprene that protects the base. 

Developer AEDAS Home has just completed an order for 5,000 luxury bathrooms for all new builds until 2021. This will mean the large-scale incorporation of industrialised bathrooms in Spanish homes. Their Operations Director has announced the decision is modernising the construction of houses, a sector he says has barely evolved in the last 100 years.

The use of modules in place of builders individually installing bathrooms will mean multiple advantages for the sector and customers. The innovating idea will coexist with the traditional bathroom but will signify more polished results and a likely reduction of building deadlines.

AEDAS Homes believe the new system will safeguard fixed costs until the end of the building work, at a time when the market is exposed to inflation of construction costs. The company expect the system will help reduce any increase in the price of homes.

Camila O'Reilly

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