Machete attack on Roquetas de Mar tattooist in Costa Almeria

INJURIES: The victim suffered blows to the head and a deep cut on his forearm. CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

A 62-year old man is under arrest for attacking a tattoo parlour manager in Roquetas de Mar with a machete.

The 37-year old victim was at work when the aggression took place. He suffered a number of blows to the head and a deep cut on his forearm, which made it impossible for him to extend his fingers.

A call to the 062 number alerted the Guardia Civil to the attack. When the patrols arrived they immediately called out a health emergency team who rushed the victim to the Poniente hospital by ambulance.

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A reconstruction of events, an examination of the evidence and witness interviews and statements pointed the investigation in the direction of the suspect identified as J.F.J.B.

The victim confirmed this was his attacker after picking him out from photographs, leading to the 62-year old’s detention on charges of inflicting bodily harm.


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