Classic tale for modern audiences in Marbella Costa del Sol

Careful with that needle Credit: Teatro Morboria

THE Teatro Morboria is a company based in Madrid which was founded some 22 years ago to present Spanish versions of classic stories.

This Saturday (November 30) at 9pm they will be presenting their own version of the Imaginary Illness a comedy by French author Moliere at the Alcoholera Performing Arts Centre in San Pedro Alcantara.

The group have set the story about Argan who thinks he is very sick and cannot live without being surrounded by doctors and has decided to marry off his daughter so that he can enough money to pay them all as a musical which contains song and dance specially created by them.

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It will help if you can understand Spanish but the presentation is full of colourful characters, almost like a pantomime so is bound to appeal regardless of your first language and the fact that he ends up becoming a doctor himself shows the brilliance of Moliere.

Tickets cost €8 with discounts for those over 65 and children and may be purchased from the centre up to two hours before the show.


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