SPAIN NEWS: Barcelona row after anti-machisto video has Spanish speaking sexists with Catalan ‘good guys’

A still from the offending video

A POLITICAL row has broken out in Barcelona over a video against ‘machisto’ attitudes because the sexist men all speak Castilian Spanish while the ‘good guys’ talk in Catalan. 

Political parties Ciudadanos, (Cs) the Partido Popular (PP) and BCN Canvi at Barcelona City Council have demanded that the Mayor, Ada Colau, should withdraw the video. 

The president of Cs, Luz Guilarte, has accused the government team under Colau of “seriously pointing out and stigmatising Spanish speakers”.  


He said: “We demand that the government of PSC and Colau immediately withdraw their shameful official announcement with which they intend to point out and severely stigmatize the Spanish speakers. We will continue to fight against gender violence and for equality and respect. 

For her part, Eva Parera, from BCN Canvi, has stated: “I think it is very indecent of the City Council to make an announcement that differentiates attitudes with language. Are you aware of the harm they do? Are you aware of how they distort the message?” 

The PP’s Óscar Rámirez said: “Now it turns out that Ada Colau is dedicated to establishing sexist stereotypes according to the language spoken … and what a surprise! Those who speak Spanish are the machistas! What a coincidence!”  


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