Two Costa Blanca castles in line for €1.4 million restoration works

AIM: The city council want to protect the historic complex and prevent its deterioration. CREDIT:

ALICANTE’S two castles have been earmarked for a €1.4 million restoration scheme. 

The projects are to consolidate and restore the Bastion of the Mine of Santa Barbara Castle and the Castle of San Fernando.  

Work on the Santa Barbara Castle is budgeted at €264,439 and the architectural recoverycontract at the Castle of San Fernando, designed to help promote its tourism and cultural value will cost €1,155,276.  


The Councillor of Culture, Antonio Manresa, said that the government team has a firm commitment to preserving the city’s heritage for both cultural and tourism reasons. 

The Santa Barbara project is planned to take five months and involves cleaning and securing stone blocks and replacing them where necessary. Manresa pledged that the historical integrity of the castle would not be altered – any new build required would be obviously not original so historical accuracy would remain. 

Work on San Fernando Castle is also expected to last five months. 




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