Newer and better vehicles for Mijas Costa del Sol

Council officials unveil the latest purchase Credit: Ayuntamiento de Mijas

ADDING to its growing fleet of modern vehicles, the Mijas Council has just spent €127,000 in buying a new lorry for maintenance work.

The council had a two year plan to phase out its ageing fleet, much of which was 20 years old and this latest acquisition boasts a built in crane and is one of four new vehicles due to enter service by December.

In total some 20 vehicles, many of them cars and vans, have been replaced and wherever possible larger vehicles which needed to be purchased have more than one role and some can assist the fire brigade in their work in the case of an emergency.


Apart from the cost of the latest acquisitions, the Council has spent some €300,000 which has included additional vehicular support for both the Fire Brigade and the Local Police.

Now that the investment has been made, the Council believes that it is offering much safer equipment to its staff and the fleet with its advanced technology will be a real, bonus to the town.


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