Costa Blanca man stabbed wife when she hid his booze to stop him drinking


A MAN has been jailed for two-and-a-half years after he stabbed his wife with a 22 cm knife when she hid his booze from him in an effort to stop him drinking. 

Alicante’s Provincial Court has confirmed the sentence originally given by a lower court in May. 

Judges also banned him from approaching within 500 metres of the victim for three years and six months and from communicating with her by any means.  


The Court considered it proven that the accused assaulted his wife with a knife when she was sitting in the living room of her home. 

Previously he had pushed the victim after she hid bottles of alcohol from him and then when he saw she was looking for any more bottles to ‘confiscate’ he had grabbed her by the arm and attempted to throw her out of the house. 

The court rejected the man’s appeal against his sentence because, although being drunk can be used as an extenuating circumstance, the judges did not consider that the man was so drunk as to not know what he was doing, as claimed by the defence. 

The woman suffered a four centimetre cut to her left hand that took 129 days to heal and required intensive physio therapy. 




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