Free concert in Alicante City Costa Blanca

Alex O'Dogherty in the bowler hat with La Bizarrería Credit: Alex O'Dogherty

THE multi-talented Alex O’Dogherty, a Spaniard from Cadiz with an unmistakably Irish name is a presenter, actor, writer and musician who is currently touring Spain with his band La Bizarrería.

They are promoting their third album Move which is a combination of rock and funk which is full of positive songs and above all is good to dance to.

Indeed the title Move is an invitation for listeners to get up and dance and look to the future and take control.


There is no question that this is a talented band that puts on a very watchable if sometimes idiosyncratic performance and they will by performing at the Clan Cabaret Room in Alicante City on Saturday November 30 at 11pm.

Admission is free but there are only a limited number of tickets available so to get a chance to enjoy the show visit and register.



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