Can he extend his stay?

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Madrid has been the epicentre of the Coronavirus in Spain.

Question - EWNI have what should be a simple question, but having trawled through dozens of websites and forums, consulted my lawyers, and talked to estate agents, I cannot get a straight answer.

If I want to stay in Spain over the winter between 90 and 180 days (surely I am not the only one in this position), can I apply for an extension allowing me to stay for longer than 90 days without being compelled to apply for a residence permit?

A S (Costa Blanca)



Answer - EWNThe law says that, after 90 days, you must leave Spain or apply for a residence permit.  There is provision for a legal extension but the requirements are very strict.

If you are being treated in the hospital for severe injuries, the extension will be granted. Otherwise not.  Yes, thousands of north Europeans are in a similar position.

They want to spend maybe four winter months in the Spanish sun.  Here is what they do.  They just stay over the legal limit.

They can be fined when they leave, but very seldom do the Spanish authorities actually do this.

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