Hacking Torrevieja to a brighter tourism future on the Costa Blanca

High tech solutions sought

TORREVIEJA is holding a 32 hour ‘Hackathon’ this weekend in order to come up with ideas for media apps to boost the region’s tourism. 

The University of Alicante (UA) in Torrevieja along with the City of Torrevieja and Agamed, in addition to the support of the Valencian Institute of Tourism Technologies (Invat-tur), as well as various institutions and companies, backed the weekend. 

Called ‘Hack your destination’, it will take place this coming weekend on Saturday and Sunday (23 and 24 November), at the Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre. 


This initiative, which unites technological innovation and tourism, consists of a 32-hour marathon during which the participants, mostly young people and university students, will create computer solutions in order to address challenges posed in the field of ‘intelligent’ tourist destinations. 

In this edition special emphasis has been given to the use of artificial intelligence techniques in the field of tourism. 

The event aims to continue positioning Torrevieja as a benchmark in the field of innovation and research in tourism. In that sense, the initiative is seen as an opportunity to enhance and expand the possibilities of the municipality as a tourist destination within the digital framework in which the sector now operates. 

Other key to the initiative is support for entrepreneurs and the development of tools to help ‘deseasonaliseTorrevieja’s tourism trade. 

There will be personalised monitoring and advice for all the projects. 

The idea behind this event is that participants can acquire skills necessary for their professional life such as creativity, entrepreneurship, teamwork and innovative thinking. 

Torrevieja decided to continues with the organisation of this event given its success in previous years. The last edition had about 50 participants divided into 12 teams. 
This year there are seven main awards, in addition to many others offered by collaborators such as Nouss Intelligence, SolidQ and TM Grupo Inmobiliario. 

The awards are as follows: 
-Generic awards for solutions in the field of intelligent tourist destinations. 

1st prize of €800. 
3 runners-up prizes of €400 each. 

-Specific prize for the best application: €600. This prize is awarded for the development of mobile applications or web applications. 

-Specific prize for the best development in artificial intelligence or data science: €600. This prize is awarded for the development of data science solutions (such as dashboards, data visualisations, etc.) as well as solutions that apply automatic learning algorithms, i.e. that apply artificial intelligence to solve problems in the tourism sector. 

-Prize for the technological solution with the best business model: €600. 



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