Black Friday is just around the corner

BLACK FRIDAY: Survival of the fittest Credit: Giannis Papanikos Shutterstock

THIS year, Friday November 29 is known as Black Friday and then the following Monday is Cyber Monday when supposedly many stores both online and in towns reduce prices to stimulate trade.

Like many other marketing trends, this one started in the USA and became popular in the early 2,000s as the day after Thanksgiving when people start to think about their Christmas shopping as many take the day off following the Thursday holiday.

It is possible that the phrase Black Friday originated in Philadelphia due to the volume of pedestrian and vehicle traffic which occurred on that day and it has since been adopted all over the world.


Another suggestion is that it is the day when retail stores start going into profit for the year, with their accounts coming out of the red and going into the black.

Whatever the reason, this has become a popular day to look for bargains all over the world and Spain joins in the fun with special offers being made both online and in store.

As different companies fight for market share, so Black Friday has actually become stretched and offers start in the middle of November

Probably the biggest online participant is Amazon which does make a number of very decent discounts from normal prices and most of the major retail outlets in Spain now join in, so there are bargains to be found, but hopefully, unlike some other countries, there will be no fights at the tills.


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