Costa Blanca’s Mayor of Orihuela dismisses misappropriation allegations as political persecution

Emilio Bascuñana/Facebook

THE Mayor of Orihuela Emilio Bascuñana claims he is the victim of “political persecution” after news emerged that the Public Prosecutor is investigating him for possible misappropriation. 

The allegations date back to from the six years he spent as adviser to the territorial management of the Regional Ministry of Health between 2007 and 2013. 

A report submitted to the prosecutor by the Ministry of Health several months ago states that he was paid €55,000 a year but never actually went to his job. 


Now the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Alicante is processing preliminary proceedings to see whether to file a complaint at court or shelve the case. 

Speaking to Spanish newspaper Diario Informacion the Partido Popular  mayor said he is the victim of a “political persecution.” He added that he did the work he was entrusted with during his time as an adviser and charged accordingly. 

He went on to say that the case was a smokescreen thrown up by the PSOE (socialist) party to deflect attention away from its own corruption scandal in Andalucia (the ERE case). 

The Mayor of Orihuela considers that he has already given all the explanations “both to the Ministry of Health, in a plenary session in Orihuela and to the public” that are necessary. 

Ministry of Health directed by the socialist Ana Barceló took the decision to send to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Alicante the reports, which concluded that Bascuñana was charging a large amount, but there is no evidence that he went to his job in Alicante. 

But as a civil matter the case was out of time, which is why it has been sent to the prosecutor to see if there is any criminal liability. 

Bascuñana, who is a family doctor, has always denied that he was paid without working, arguing that he carried out advisory tasks and that he even went to several health centres in the Vega Baja during those years to cover the sick leave of other doctors. 



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