Brits lead foreign house buyers in Spain

SIGNIFICANT: Property purchases by non-Spaniards represented 12.5 per cent of the national total in the third quarter. CREDIT: Shutterstock

THE British top the list of foreign house buyers in Spain.

Brits accounted for 14.27 per cent of sales to non-Spaniards in the third quarter of the year after acquiring 2,160 properties, according to figures from the College of Registars.

This was 1.79 per cent up on a year earlier.

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The French represented the second largest foreign group to buy property in the country (8.4 per cent), followed by Germans (6.6 per cent), Belgians (6.17 per cent), Moroccans (6.05 per cent) and Romanians (5.83mper cent).

Property purchases by non-nationals in Spain in July, August and September represented 12.5 per cent of the total, a higher proportion than in the previous two quarters of 2019.

However, the number of sales in the third quarter, adding up to 15,150, was down on the 16,000 recorded between the beginning of April and the end of June.

By province, Alicante registered the highest proportion of house sales to foreign buyers in the third quarter, at nearly 42 per cent. Santa Cruz de Tenerife clocked the second highest (32.6 per cent) and Malaga the third (28.8 per cent).

The region with the greatest percentage of non-Spanish house buyers was the Balearic Islands (28.1 per cent), followed by the Valencian Community (25.8 per cent,)

The Canary Islands had the third highest (23.7 per cent), with Murcia in fourth place (21.5 per cent), and some way back in fourth and fifth spot Cataluña and Andalucia, with 12.7 and 12 per cent respectively.


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