Old Mojacar archaeological dig in the spotlight at Granada university

PLAIN SIGHT: The images are displayed in the faculty cafe, a regular haunt of 7,000 students and 300 professors. CREDIT: Mojacar.es

THE University of Granada is staging an exhibition of photographs showcasing the work carried out during archaeological digs at the site of the original Mojacar settlement.

The exhibition at the faculty of Philosophy and Writing features 125 images of ‘Mojacar la Vieja’ captured by local photographer Emilio Aramburu during two seasons of excavations at the location.

Faculty deacon Jose Antonio Perez Tapias and the excavations director Dr Jose Maria Civantos inaugurated the exhibition, which runs until January 15 in the faculty cafe, a regular haunt of 7,000 students and 300 professors.


The exhibition also includes spectacular 3D images taken by Mojacar-based sculptor Roberto Manzano

The Mojacar la Vieja dig excavations have been driven and financed by Mojacar council and carried out by the university’s MEMOLab Biocultural Archaeology Laboratory, with the collaboration of the Valparaiso Foundation.

More than 200 archaeology students and professionals have taken part in the two sets of excavations, along with volunteers from Mojacar and the surrounding area.

Emilio’s stunning photographs perfectly capture the human aspect of their work, which at times requires considerable physical strength, and utmost care and attention to detail at all times.

In all Emilio built up a collection of close to 2,000 images, whittling them down to those he believes best portray his particular vision of the dig campaigns.

Mojacar council said it was delighted about the exhibition which promotes the Mojacar la Vieja site and the value of the municipality’s heritage.



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