Alleged burglar arrested after school break-in on Costa del Sol


NATIONAL Police officers have arrested a 51-year-old Spanish man in Malaga for his alleged involvement in several burglaries after a school was broken into and a vending machine forced.  

The investigation was initiated following a complaint from the head of an establishment where she reported an attempted robbery at the school where she works. The thief entered the building jumping over a fence and, once inside, forcing a vending machine. 

The agents focused their investigations on identifying and locating the person responsible for these events and others that occurred in the same area by a person of similar characteristics and with the same modus operandi.  

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In the course of the investigation, the agents have been able to clarify a total of four crimes against property – three in homes and one in an establishment – and arrest the alleged perpetrator, a 51-year-old man of Spanish nationality. 



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