Fire Prevention Week in Arroyo de la Miel Costa del Sol

Chatting to the children about fire precautions Credit: Ayuntamiento de Benalmadena

THIS week has been Fire Prevention Week in Benalmadena which is being promoted by insurers Mapfre and the Professional Association of Firefighters (APTB) with the input of the council.

On the first day, some 600 schoolchildren were invited to the newly created ‘Prevention Park’ in the Plaza de la Mezquita where they were advised on how to cope with fire and also how to prevent it from happening.

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Workshops were set up in tents to allow the demonstration of firefighters equipment, fire extinguisher handling, CPR and First Aid.

This is the fourteenth annual Fire Prevention Week and will remind everyone of the absolute need to install smoke detectors in their homes and it is hope that the children will get the message and nag their parents to do something positive about installation.

As part of the week-long event, there was an earthquake simulation and drill and then elderly members of the community were invited to attend talks on how to combat and prevent fire, especially if they live alone.

It transpires that Benalmadena suffers from around 75 fires every year, some of which are minor but others of which can become very dangerous and destroy property as well as lives and in order to reinforce the lessons, a number of fire engines were brought into the centre of Arroyo de la Miel to show how prepared the fire brigade is.


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