Back-friendly supports introduced to Alicante city streets on Costa Blanca

PILOT SCHEME: If the support benches turn out to be well used the council would look at installing them in other districts of the city. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Alicante website

ALICANTE has its first ischiatic support benches aimed at sections of the population including the elderly, people suffering from back problems and pregnant women.

City Infrastructure and Maintenance councillor Jose Ramon Gonzalez said the special benches had been installed on the most used streets in the Campoamor district of the provincial capital at the request of residents.

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The councillor explained that, old people, individuals with back issues or sciatica, some expectant mothers and anyone who walks with a stick or who has reduced mobility may not be able to sit on ordinary benches, hence the new infrastructure provides them with a means of taking a rest and makes Alicante “a more accessible city.”

Made from steel tubes and secured to the ground, the new benches are designed with two heights and a comfortable support area.

Gonzalez said the pilot scheme would see 12 of the benches installed for the moment at a cost of €3,600, but that if it proved to be “a positive experience”, they were used by many people and the council receives further requests from residents, then the city authority would look at putting ischiatic benches in other neighbourhoods as well.


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