Arrests made as Los Alcazares in Murcia suffers mini crime wave

COMMENDATION: Four Local Police officers from Bereta will be recognised for saving a life. CREDIT: Shutterstock (file pic)

THREE people have been arrested after a spate of thefts from cars in los Alcazares. 

Neighbours sounded the alarm when they saw several people loitering in a street and making suspicious movements between vehicles. Both Local Police and Guardia Civil officers moved to the scene and located the suspects. 
Police detained the suspects and took them to the police station for questioning. 

Officers believe the trio – whose ages and nationalities have not been revealed – are responsible for several thefts from cars. 


They are also investigating to see if they are linked to two break-ins at empty homes in the town. 

Police say that thiews were looking for oking for electronic devices such as tablets, mobiles and laptops when it came to the car break-ins. 

There has been a series of petty crime in los Alcazares in recent weeks. A few days previously to last week’s arrests, Local Police arrested a man accused of being responsible for numerous bag-snatching attacks. 

Police were alerted  that there had been an attempted bag snatch from a local hotel, while a woman getting into a car nearby had had her purse stolen. 

After talking to witnesses and obtaining a description of the suspects, the officers located two men who matched the descriptions in the promenade area. One of them escaped, but the other was chased down by officers. 

When he was arrested, he resisted and tried to hit the agents, it is alleged. 

At the end of last month the Guardia Civil arrested a young man accused of stealing from a dozen shops in Los Alcázares.  The man is thought to have studied the premises in detail, especially their entrances and possible escape routes. 

Officers say he also studied the schedules and routines of the owners before committing his offences. 



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