Murcia man jailed for sexually abusing and making pregnant 12 year old girl


A JAIL sentence of 14 years has been confirmed for a man who sexually abused and made pregnant a 12-year-old girl in Murcia. 

The region’s Superior Court of Justice (TSJRM) has dismissed an appeal filed by the convicted man. 

It upheld the sentence handed down by the Provincial Court of Murcia, and declared it proven that the events occurred between the months of June and August 2017 in the home that the man shared with several other people including the child and her mother. 


The court heard that he took advantage of the moment when the girl’s mother was away for work to abuse the child. 

The girl was so frightened by the man’s advances that on one occasion she took a knife to her bedroom, but she was unable to escape his unwanted attentions. 

In the court’s written sentence, it was said that as a consequence of the sexual assaults the girl fell pregnant. 

Medical tests showed that it was a 99.99 per cent certainty that the convicted man was the father. 

The TSJRM has upheld in its entirety the sentence appealed, which also includes the payment of €60,000 compensation to the girl for moral damages. 


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