Moroccans smuggled drugs from Costa Blanca’s Orihuela to The Netherlands hidden in fruit and veg

Drugs were hidden amongst pomegranates

POLICE have broken up a gang that smuggled marihuana to the Netherlands hidden in fruit and veg shipped from an Orihuela warehouse. 

Five Moroccan men have been arrested on drugs charges, with three of them being remanded in custody. 

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Guardia Civil arrested two of the suspects when they raided the warehouse to fing 24.5 kilos of marihuana hidden in cases of pomegranates being loaded onto lorry. 

The other three were arrested at their homes in the Costa Blanca municipalities of Cox and Callosa de Segura. 

An investigation into this case began in mid-October last, when agents police having noticed suspicious movements started a surveillance operation on the warehouse, which appeared to have a very low level of trade initially.  

Suddenly, there was an increase in the number of lorries leaving for various European countries, but always having an interim unloading point at a small premises located in a Dutch village. 

Following up on the shipments, Guardia Civil found that several bags of marihuana had been transported hidden between four pallets of parsley, which allowed, two weeks later, the arrest of the five suspects.  



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